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Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking





Enjoy a scenic getaway on a purpose-built mountain bike trail system featuring gorgeous views of Jay Cooke Sate Park and the St. Louis River Valley.

MDL Mt Bike Trail Map

Thanks to a close partnership with COGGS [http://coggs.com], Mont du Lac is able to provide some of the finest mountain biking the Midwest has to offer.

The Mont du Lac trail system is free to ride!

Upon arrival, all riders must check in at The Base Lodge before and after hitting the trails. Wearing proper gear is required.


Cross Country Trail System

Length: 3.5 miles and growing

Number of trails: 1, with multiple shortcut choices

Difficulty: Intermediate

Established: 1998

Average Lap Time: 45 minutes

Our single track traverses the whole property allowing riders a chance to enjoy all aspects of mountain biking. The trail features numerous creek crossings, old growth forests, abundant wildlife, beautiful overlooks, with challenging climbs and descents. We are constantly maintaining our cross country trails to improve rider experience.

Downhill Trail System

Length: 0.5 – 1.6 miles

Number of trails: 3 with more coming soon

Difficulty: Advanced

Established: 2010

Average Descent Time: 3 – 5 minutes

The downhill system includes great flow, berms, jumps, drops ladder bridges, numerous wooden features and more.

Big Bucks (the original downhill)  | One-mile long featuring a brand new start, a flowy 400 yards to meet up with the original trail

Torpedo | A new 1/2-mile long jump trail

Super D | This is a long (1.6 miles) mellow downhill trail.