Disc Golf

Ace Run (Beginner’s Course)

Course Established 2012

9 holes

This is a great course for everyone, allowing players to practice a variety of wide open shots with no elevation. It plays around a small pond, which plays out of bounds on three holes. New disc golfers and young children will enjoy learning the game on this open, easy course. Avid disc golfers can use this course as a warm up or to practice various shots.

Eagle’s Peak Course (a.k.a. Mountain Course)

Course Established 2009

24 holes

Course Length: 7,095 feet

Alternate Length: 7,819 feet

This is a well-balanced and nicely maintained course that plays up and back down the mountain. There’s a wide array of holes in the open and in the woods. Most of them have concrete tee boxes with A & B pins. This course has many elevated fast greens and roll always are not uncommon. There are also two huge downhill shots that play off the mountain’s summit. The road plays as out of bounds on four holes and the pond does on the last three. Players should keep in mind that wind can be a huge factor at times. Eagles Peak is a great challenge both mentally and physically. The course offers awesome views of the scenic St. Louis River and Jay Cooke State Park.

Eagles Peak Map Jpeg

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White Cedar Course (a.k.a. Forest Course)

Course Established 2010

19 holes

Course Length: 4,714 feet

Alternate Length: 6,558 feet

Golfers can find relief from the summer heat in the shade of the White Cedar course. This is also a well-balanced, wooded course that plays almost entirely through an old-growth white cedar forest. There are concrete tee boxes on most holes with A & B pins on all holes with some C pins. A natural spring feeds winding creeks that play as out of bounds on all holes. There are many tight tunnel shots, sharp corners, huge ravines, elevated shots, and fast greens. The first hole plays down an old ski run. The next nine holes are flat. The back nine holes are the most extreme with play up and down huge ravines. The course can be wet in spots due to overflow from the creek, so good footwear is highly recommended.

White Cedar Map JPEF

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The Hybrid Course

18 holes

Course Length: 4,563 feet

Alternate Length: 5,738 feet

Want to experience a little of what both courses have to offer and don’t have all day? Then the Hybrid Course is for you. Start on the Eagles Peak Course, after eight holes cross the road and proceed to play the front ten of the White Cedar Course. This gives you the best of both worlds. You go from wide-open shots with lots of elevation to tight wooded shots with little elevation.

The Beast Course (formerly known as “Full Loop”)

Course Established 2010

43 holes

Course Length: 11,809 ft

Alternate Length: 14,377 ft

Golfers who have time to kill and want to enjoy all of what both courses have to offer can cut across to hole #1 on White Cedar after hole #8 on Eagles Peak. They can play every hole on White Cedar and hook back up where they left off on Eagles Peak. This will enable golfers to play every hole on both courses. To play this layout, endurance is a must! Bring lots of water!!