M ont du Lac offers a three-day outdoor children’s day camp every summer. Campers will spend each day exploring and discovering all the summer activities Mont du Lac has to offer. Your young ones will make memories with new friends while learning about outdoor sports, hiking safety, how to cook over an open fire, and tent-pitching. On Saturday, campers will have the opportunity to spend the night in a tent while playing games, singing songs, and telling stories around the campfire. Camp concludes with a family dinner and a skills demonstration program. Nature Explorers Day Camp is for kids ages 5-12. Children ages 13 and up who have completed at least one year of Nature Explorers Day Camp are eligible to participate in the Aspiring Leaders Program.

Day Camp Price (pre-registration is required):

$199.99 (includes daily breakfast and lunch)

Family Dinner and Program Price:

$7 per person

Time 4:00 – 6:00 pm

Call for more information (888) 258-0013.